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Medical Transcriptionist - Ambulatory

Accentus Inc., a leading provider of outsourced medical transcription services to hospitals, medical clinics and independent physicians across Canada, has ongoing requirements for experienced Canadian medical transcriptionists/editors to work as independent contractors from home.
The Ambulatory group assigns transcriptionists to one dictator or a small group of dictators, whenever possible.  This ultimately allows for higher quality and production for both the transcriptionist and client.  Due to exclusive assignments, we do only hire on an as-needed basis, which also ensures optimal workloads for those currently working with us.

  • Canada-based only
  • Minimum of 3-5 year of recent experience in the specialty for which we are hiring
  • Familiarity with ESL dictators.  Not always required, but experience/willingness preferred.
  • Must have availability and willingness to be flexible with your schedule in order to meet the turnaround time of the assigned exclusives.  Typically Monday-Friday, daytime hours work well.  Special requirements or needs would be noted upon hiring.
  • Most openings are for full-time type positions; an average minimum of 80 audio minutes per day.
  • Own a personal computer with Windows Operating System (Vista or higher), high-speed internet, and a USB Footpedal.
  Type of Accounts: Clinics
  Specialties: All
  Employment Type: Independent Contractor (IC)
  Workloads: Assignment of Exclusives
  Benefits: N/A (per IC Status)
  Contact Email: resumes@accentusinc.com
  How To Apply: Click here for Canadian Ambulatory